en-US Las predicciones de los partidos de la segunda jornada de LaLiga Santander Thu, 22 2019 12:00:01 GMT Al Real Madrid le salen las cuentas por el fichaje de Neymar Thu, 22 2019 12:30:01 GMT ¿CUÁNTO COSTARÁN? | Conmebol ya puso a la venta las entradas para la final de la Copa Libertadores Thu, 22 2019 12:45:01 GMT Cristiano Ronaldo gave an emotional interview where he said being accused of rape made 2018 the worst year of his life Cristiano Ronaldo says last year's rape accusation made 2018 the worst year of his life. Speaking on Portuguese television channel TVI, Ronaldo said the ordeal had been hard on his family, particularly his nine-year-old son, who he says understands the headlines. Kathryn Mayorga accused Ronaldo of a sexual assault at a Las Vegas hotel in June, 2009. He denied the allegation.  Last month, criminal charges against the Juventus forward were dropped, however The Independent reports the lawsuit has been refiled in a federal court. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Read more of our soccer coverage here. Cristiano Ronaldo has said last year's rape accusation made 2018 the worst year of his life because of the impact it had on himself and his family. Ronaldo was accused of raping Kathryn Mayorga in a Las Vegas hotel in 2009. It is an allegation he has repeatedly denied. The Portugal international won't face criminal charges because the district attorney's office in Las Vegas last month ruled that the allegations could not "be proven beyond a reasonable doubt." This week, Ronaldo told Portuguese television TVI that, "2018, the year that passed, was probably the worst year for me, not professionally but personally speaking." Without mentioning Mayorga by name, he said: "When people question your honor, it hurts, it hurts a lot — especially for me." The 34-year-old added it was tough on his family, especially his young son who he says was old enough to understand what was happening. "I have a big family," he said. "A wife, a son that is already smart enough to understand, he is nine years old. It was a tough year, possibly the worst I've ever had." Read more: A former teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo has blasted the Juventus forward as an 'egotist' who would 'spend all day in the mirror' The allegation was made public in April 2017, when German website Spiegel published "Cristiano Ronaldo's Secret" which detailed the events of the alleged rape eight years prior. Ronaldo's lawyer confirmed a sexual encounter occurred that night, but said it was "consensual." Spiegel said Ronaldo paid Mayorga, who at the time remained anonymous, $375,000 to settle the sexual assault claim. Earlier this month, Ronaldo's lawyers said the Juventus forward had paid Mayorga "to maintain the confidentiality of their dispute." While Ronaldo will face no criminal charges, The Independent reports Mayorga's legal team is seeking monetary damages of $200,000, having refiled the lawsuit in federal court.SEE ALSO: The Cristiano Ronaldo rape allegations started with a chance meeting at a Las Vegas nightclub. Here's a timeline of everything that's happened so far Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Swayze Valentine is the only female treating fighters' cuts and bruises inside the UFC octagon Thu, 22 2019 10:53:12 GMT Vietnam Night Life. It's not Las Vegas, but hey, if all you want is cheap thrills and spills, you've come to the right place....or maybe not. Cheers!! Thu, 22 2019 02:09:16 GMT 23 Accused in Broad Aryan Warriors Supremacist Case in Vegas Prosecutors in Las Vegas are charging 19 men and four women with being part of a white supremacist gang behind prison and street crimes, including murder, drug trafficking and identity theft. Thu, 22 2019 01:29:51 GMT Cristiano Ronaldo: Rape Allegation Made 2018 #039;Worst Year Ever#039; Cristiano Ronaldo has spoken candidly about his feelings during 2018, the year Kathryn Mayorga came forward to say he raped her in Las Vegas in 2009... Wed, 21 2019 22:22:58 GMT Trump#039;s #039;King of Israel#039; tweet quoted and thanked a notorious conspiracy theorist President Donald Trump on Wednesday quoted and thanked a well-known conspiracy theorist, who'd said Israeli Jews love the president "like he's the King of Israel" and "the second coming of God." The day before, Trump sparked controversy when he said American Jews who vote for Democrats show "disloyalty." Root has promoted conspiracy theories on everything from former President Barack Obama's place of birth to the Las Vegas shooting.  Trump has made a habit of quoting or retweeting controversial people or ideas on Twitter. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. President Donald Trump on Wednesday in a tweet quoted a conservative radio host and notorious conspiracy theorist, Wayne Allyn Root, who'd said Israeli Jews love the president "like he's the King of Israel" and view him as "the second coming of God." This came less than a day after Trump claimed American Jews who vote for the Democratic party lack knowledge and show "disloyalty," evoking a textbook anti-Semitic trope. Much like the president, Root has promoted an array of conspiracy theories over the years, including that former President Barack Obama was not born in the US, Democratic National Committee employee Seth Rich was killed by a high-level Democrat, the Las Vegas shooting was a "coordinated Muslim attack," and that the deadly neo-Nazi rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August 2017 was "Probably paid actors infiltrators hired by Soros. No conservative I've ever met commits violence. EVER." Read more: Trump evoked anti-Semitic tropes against American Jews while trying to prove how pro-Israel he is In a November 2016 article for Fox News, Root asked, "Did we just elect our first Jewish president?" "Trust me, Donald Trump is as close as you can come to being our first Jewish president," Root wrote. "The very unique traits that have made him a billionaire and now President of the United States are as Jewish as you can get!" Trump has made a habit of quoting or retweeting controversial people or ideas on Twitter. Earlier this month, heretweeted a conspiracy theory that Jeffrey Epstein's death could be tied to former President Bill Clinton. In July, Trump retweeted a British columnist with a documented history of promoting Islamophobia, Katie Hopkins, who praised the "SEND HER BACK!" chants on Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar after the president sent racist tweets about the Minnesota lawmaker and other freshman Democrats. SEE ALSO: Pompeo warned Trump would be an 'authoritarian president' in 2016. Now he's one of Trump's most loyal and trusted advisors Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why the US border facilities are 'concentration camps,' according to historians Wed, 21 2019 14:14:40 GMT Las Vegas strip visitors warned of possible measles exposure: health officials Heads up, Las Vegas visitors: If you took a trip to Sin City earlier this month, you may have been exposed to measles. Wed, 21 2019 13:21:44 GMT Cowboys#039; Elliott won#039;t face criminal charge in Vegas scuffle Dallas Cowboys star running back Ezekiel Elliott won't face criminal charges after scuffling with a music festival security guard in Las Vegas. Wed, 21 2019 10:19:56 GMT