Today in the city Las Vegas 29.03.2017

Weather in the city Las Vegas for week

29/03/2017 Day's temperature: 8°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 8.91°C  t° min:-1.53°C

Humidity: 68%, Pressure:825.05

30/03/2017 Day's temperature: 15.87°C

t° max: 17.71°C  t° min:-4.69°C

Humidity: 57%, Pressure:822.7

31/03/2017 Day's temperature: 15.38°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 16.19°C  t° min:2.25°C

Humidity: 34%, Pressure:816.41

01/04/2017 Day's temperature: 1.69°C

t° max: 1.69°C  t° min:-5.11°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:794.24

02/04/2017 Day's temperature: 6.51°C

t° max: 6.51°C  t° min:-9.25°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:796.57

03/04/2017 Day's temperature: 10.48°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 13.14°C  t° min:-7.55°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:794.51

04/04/2017 Day's temperature: 8.89°C

небольшой снегопад
t° max: 8.89°C  t° min:0.7°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:787.9

05/04/2017 Day's temperature: 7.97°C

небольшой снегопад
t° max: 7.97°C  t° min:-1.23°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:792.77

06/04/2017 Day's temperature: 9.31°C

t° max: 11.37°C  t° min:-6.8°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:798.01

07/04/2017 Day's temperature: 13.49°C

легкий дождь
t° max: 13.49°C  t° min:-2.95°C

Humidity: 0%, Pressure:794.93

Weather in the city Las Vegas the week
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